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Spring Stepping: Seasonal Style For All Of Us
By Lynn Dell, Lifestyle Contributor  -  Lynn Dell Archive

I don't know about you but I find Spring to be so inspiring. The sunshine and flowers are out. People are freer, they let loose a little bit, but people get very nervous because as they shed their clothes, they look in the mirror and say "oh my god, I have to show my figure"! Don't worry about it! If you dress properly and wear something stylish and flattering you can't lose! My favorite words are accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative, for when it comes to seasonal trends I take a drop of whatever is in fashion and I make it my own style. The most stylish thing we can do is wear the clothing that makes us feel great and by invoking the spirit of the season we are proving that we can stay up to date in fashion at any age.

I always love turquoise and blue for spring. These shades come in such wide variety that anyone can wear them. Match a turquoise jacket with an all black ensemble. If you are really afraid color introduce it slowly with turquoise accessories. Another favorite warm weather color of mine is orange and I like to wear it every where and every way I can. Orange is a zing color, a sunshine color. I may do a light orange and a dark orange. An orange and hot pink. I also love orange and red. If you're afraid of the color just do a scarf, a lipstick. Try wearing a little orange to say "here I am"! Just think of the fun you can have with color! Get out of the box a little bit and make a statement by mixing several different hues. Don't let yourself be amazed by all this color because it's really overwhelming. Just remember there are no mistakes in fashion. Anything is right if it's done properly.

Today is spring, yesterday was winter... Seasons change so fast we barely have time to swap out our wardrobes but if you have black and white you can't go wrong. I think black and white is the most wonderful combination because, not only is it tans-seasonal, but you also don't have to think much to pull it off. Whenever you don't know what to wear black and white will solve the problem. To add interest I take a spot of color and add it to my neck, such as a necklace, a scarf, or a wonderful brooch which draws the attention up to my face. Even if you only have one or two black and white ensembles you can completely change the mood by adding a bold handbag or a fun pair of shoes. Remember- while all white can look crisp and breezy, all black is a friend where our figures are concerned.

Accessorizing is my favorite way to perk up not only black and white outfits, but any outfit that suits my fancy. I have a large collection bangles in all different colors that match with my clothing. This time of the year is perfect for statement jewelry because it won't get hidden beneath a big coat. This is truly the season to pile it on whether it be all one color or a mix of stripes, polka dots, and even swirls! I also cannot stress enough how wonderfully versatile a long scarf can be. It protects you from the sun and adds a layer of modesty. Toss one over your shoulder, belt it like a vest, or my personal favorite wrap it around your head. Try a pleated or patterned scarf or mix two scarves for fun. Where modesty is concerned, try layering a collared shirt under a lightweight sweater for a polished outfit. Mix it up with an unconventional print.

I've seen handbags in bright colors this season and if they are solid colors they're wonderfully versatile. However, the other day I saw these terribly expensive bags that combined both turquoise and hot pink. What do you wear with that? If you put too much color, too much of everything, then it loses itself. A bag should be easy to carry with most of the outfits in your wardrobe. If it doesn't go, then forget it. This season top handle bags are everywhere, many of them look like bags we carried 50 years ago! These are fantastic and often spacious carry all's but look for one with a detachable shoulder strap so it won't weigh you down.

Just think of the fun to have with Spring clothing, it's such a wonderful uplifting thing. Don't be afraid to experiment. You may win and you may lose and believe me, you'll very rarely lose, but you must make a few mistakes to get it right eventually. It's fun making mistakes too. Every day is a new opportunity to express and create yourself with fashion. The way I am when I get up in the morning is not the same as when I'm all dressed up. Its about creativity. I always say "A lil paint makes you look like what you aint" and it's not a bad thing. If you wear beautiful clothes and present yourself gracefully you'll look good, feel good, and behave beautifully. And that counts more than any trend.


- Lynn Dell Silk wearing Dupioni Jacket,
- Carolina Herrera Bangles,
- Osman SS12 blue 2 piece,
- Anne Valerie Hash SS12 black and white look,
- Tibi SS12 blue and black ensemble,
- Celine orange leather bag,
- A Spring head scarf look.

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They say that everything old becomes new again, and for New York based fashion sensation Lynn Dell, owner of "Off Broadway Boutique," New York's most glamorous trend-setting boutique for 40 years, this moment in fashion is just that: new again. Her eye for originality, unduplicated by any other fashion maven in the business, marks her view from the inside... continue>>


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